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How to choose a diesel generator?

Taking the decision to purchase the generator set, you should always keep in mind a few basic things that we would like to draw your attention.


Our partners

At present operates more than 2,000 units of production BME-Diesel different capacities. Units made in our company successfully operate in the CIS, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and the Baltic states. Among the Belorussian consumers are the Ministry of the Interior, the State Committee of Border Troops, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Emergency, Office of the President of Belarus, Belarusian Railways, Production Association «Belorusneft», «The defense of the country», «Belgeologiya» and many other organizations.


BBME-diesel produced power units of 20 kVA and 60 kVA in thermoinsulating container with polymer anti-corrosive coating for vital activity of the Belarusian polar expedition to the South Pole of the planet in the harsh environment of Antarctica.
Imported components of leading manufacturers such as «AL-CO», «Hatz», «Deutz», «MTU», «Volvo Penta», «Iveco», «Mitsubishi», «Carraro», «Caprari SpA», «Mecc Alte Generatoren», and accessories manufactured in Belarus are used in the products developed and manufactured by our company.

As part of the import substitution program, our company is working in cooperation with many Belarusian suppliers of components and services:

Minsk Motor Plant;

Agromototehnika, Minsk;

Vitebsk electrical equipment plant;

Euroline, Minsk;

Komdor, Vilejka;

The plant «TRANSMASH» branch «MAZ», Mogilev;

Plant of Automobile Trailers and Bodies MAZ-Kupava, Minsk;

Branch of «MMZ» Stolbtsy;

Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after Kozlov, Minsk;



Rechitsa metizny plant;


Alfakolor, Minsk