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How to choose a diesel generator?

Taking the decision to purchase the generator set, you should always keep in mind a few basic things that we would like to draw your attention.

30 november 2015

Development of BME-Diesel took part in the exhibition The Big 5 Show 2015

Terrain vehicle BME-1015, developed by the company’s design team BME-Diesel, took part in the international exhibition «The Big ‘5’ Show 2015» held in the United Arab Emirates <-! More -> (Dubai) in the period from 23 to 26 November.


All-terrain vehivle is multipurpose all-wheel drive vehicle, designed for extreme road conditions like sands, swamps, virgin snow etc. All-terrain vehicle technical description can be found here.

Currently, all-terrain vehicles BME-1015 are mass-produced with a wide range of options. On all-terrain vehicle can be installeg electric generator with welding function, powered by the main engine, through which BME-1015 crew can perform repairs in remote and inaccessible locations.