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How to choose a diesel generator?

Taking the decision to purchase the generator set, you should always keep in mind a few basic things that we would like to draw your attention.

22 april 2013

Diesel generator for a restaurant railway carriage!

BME-Diesel is expanding its range of diesel generators! Fundamentally new development was the generator set for railway restaurant coach. A diesel generator is designed to supply kitchen equipment and recharge the battery at low speeds or at stations.

Genset is located directly under the coach over the railway and is operated via a remote control:

  • diesel engine Deutz F3M2011 (prime power of 19 kW);
  • synchronous generator Mecc Alte ECO28-1LN/4;
  • electric oil heater in the engine crankcase;
  • vibration dampers;
  • silencer and exhaust system;
  • control cabinet;
  • remote control panel.


Дизель-генератора для БЧ

General view of the diesel generator at the restaurant railway carriage

БМЕ-Дизель является партнером Белорусской железной дороги.

Diesel generator for restaurant railway carriage, side view