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How to choose a diesel generator?

Taking the decision to purchase the generator set, you should always keep in mind a few basic things that we would like to draw your attention.

02 october 2013

Diesel generators for OAO «Gazprom Transgaz Belarus»

Логотип компании ОАО "Газпром Трансгаз Беларусь"

BME-Diesel produced diesel generators in container housing for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus. Containers are painted in customer corporate colors, as well as equipped with the following systems:

  • fire alarm system and automatic fire extinguishing;
  • system of internal heating;
  • automatic ventilation system;
Дизельная электростанция в контейнере Газпром Трансгаз Беларусь

General view of a diesel generator set in a container Gazprom

Система пожаротушения дизель-генератора в контейнере

The fire alarm and fire extinguishing control panel.

Дизель-генератор в контейнере

Diesel generator in the container